Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Mike's Psalm 10: The Simplified Version

Why are you hiding, so far away, God?
Some people: brag about evil desires, praise greed, curse YHWH,
oppress the poor, pour scorn on their opponents.
These people - Evil!

They are too proud to seek God.
They reckon God is dead.
The irony is: they are successful!! (so far, that is!)

Still sucks though!

Them - they are like lions the way they pounce on their victims.
It's survival of the fittest for those guys.
The helpless and innocent suffer 'cause of them.

They don't see though what's coming for them though, do they God?
Your noting it down.
You, after all, are with orphans, widows, and the weak.

So, you'll bring justice. It's coming.

And your kingdom will come, as you taught us to pray

On earth,

as it is in heaven.


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