Monday, 29 March 2010

Day ?: Romans 9

I got stuck on Romans 9. It was too hard so I gave up on the whole project. Slack, lazy, selfish.

So Romans 9. It's a really confusing passage. I can vaguely follow it until it starts talking about election. As a stand alone chapter it just doesn't make sense. But put together with the next few chapters Paul's argument starts to come together. So I've been reading chapters 9-11, struggling through (but mostly struggling with myself). I'll try to write something tomorrow.


Heavenly father,

I'm struggling.
I'm struggling with this passage.
I'm struggling with life at the moment.

Holy Spirit, hear my groans, translate them into God-speak and take them to our Lord.

Please help me to understand this passage of Romans.
Discipline me. Make me sit down and do some study tomorrow.

I want to be your servant, your vessel.



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